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  • 1 Hour - $20 per thrower.

  • 2 Hours - $30 per thrower. 

  • We are a reservation only facility, so you must have a reservation to throw.

  • If a reservation is desired for longer than two hours, for more than 8 people, or outside scheduled hours please contact us.

Private luncheons and parties available. Please call or email for information special pricing.

*Please note there is a Hindman Road by Walmart and if you type in 111 Hindman Lane online it might take you there. To avoid this type in Hindman Lane and look for building 111 upon arrival. It is right next to the Farm Show Grounds and across from Eraser's Go-Kart Park located on Rt 68.


Anyone can be a lumberjack,

but only a few can be called a Holzfaeller.

  • How long is a session?

Sessions run in one hour increments.


  • When should I arrive for my session?

We want you to enjoy your reserved time. Therefore, please arrive 15 minutes before your session for instructions from one of our team members


  • What if I show up late?

If you show up late it could be cutting into your time. We recommend coming in early to get waivers and payment taken care of before your allotted time starts. 

  • Do I need previous experience in throwing axes?

Heck no! Your axe expert will show you everything you need to know. ​Just be sure to follow all the rules!

  • Am I allowed to bring alcohol?

Yes, Holzfaeller is BYOB. We want everyone to have fun and be safe. If someone appears to be intoxicated they will not be allowed throw axes, or enter the throwing area.


  • Am I allowed to bring food?

Yep! You may bring your own food. We do not cater, but there are many restaurants in the area. We have a wet bar and ample table space. Please bring your own plates, utensils, and napkins.


  • Is there a minimum number of participants required?

There is not a minimum number of participants. With that said, there are nights where we are extremely busy. If you have under 8 throwers you may get paired up with another group. * See pricing


  • Is this dangerous?

Nope! You have to be mindful of your surroundings, and what you are doing. There have not been any major injuries reported in the United States.

  • Is there an age requirement?

 Yes, anyone under the age of 8 will not be allowed to throw. They will be able to enter the facility, but not throw. Anyone under the age of 18 will have to have a parent or guardian fill out the waiver, and anyone under 14 will have to be accompanied by an adult.


  • What do I wear?

The only requirement is, you must wear closed-toe shoes. No exceptions. Other than that, whatever you are comfy in to throw axes.


  • Can I just come and watch?

Yes, but you must fill out a waiver in order to enter the throwing room. All others are permitted to sit in the lobby, where they can see through to the throwers.


  • Can I host a corporate event or private party?

Without a doubt! What a better way to thank your employees and/or clients, entertain friends, celebrate a special occasion than having a lunch, happy hour, or an evening throwing axes. Call or email for information and pricing.


  • Can I just throw or are there games?

You want to let out some stress and just throw axes at your leisure, you got it!   You want to play games or have us set up a tournament for your group, you got it! We are here to make your axe experience as enjoyable as possible.


  • Do I need to know rules and scoring?

We will review rules during your throwing intro from one of our axe experts, and we will provide scoring sheets.


  • Can I cancel a private event?

Private events can be cancelled up to one week prior to event date to receive your deposit back or deposit can be credited towards a new event date. If an event is cancelled / rescheduled less than one week before event date then your deposit is non-refundable. ​

  • Can I cancel a regular booking?

Hourly bookings may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 2 hours before scheduled to begin. Within 2 hours of scheduled booking no refunds will be given.




111 Hindman Lane, Butler, PA 16001

Tel: 724-996-0089



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